Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

By Daisy McCarty

Fine hair is composed of strands that are smaller in diameter than average. The term is also used to refer to thinning hair. Fine, curly hair tends to be frizzy. Limpness and lack of volume are typical problems for women who have thin, straight hair. Getting the right cut for this hair type is all about making your hair appear fuller and healthier.

Keira Knightley

Bobbing Fine Hair

Charlize Theron's curly bob

Besides being low in volume, fine hair is easily damaged. A short to mid-length bob is a popular hairstyle because it addresses both of these issues. Keeping your hair short and trimming it frequently is a good way to reduce split ends.

A bob is usually cut in multiple layers around the face to enhance volume. Women with wavy or curly hair can achieve a retro look by allowing their natural hair texture to express itself with this hairstyle.

Traditional Bob

Cameron Diaz

A traditional bob is cut to taper inward and hug the face closely all the way around the head. Women with rounder faces and fine hair should select a traditional bob that ends just below chin length. This keeps it from adding width to the face.

Hair this length is versatile and can be tucked behind the ears or worn loose around the face. This bob works well for fine, straight hair as long as sufficient layering is included.

Short Bob

Radha Mitchell

A short bob is a good look for younger women and those with active lifestyles. This bob is cropped very short around the back and sides to minimize styling time. Keep the shortest parts of this cut at least 1 inch long to prevent your scalp from showing.

The front of this bob is textured so that it falls across your cheeks in layers. This style may include wispy, side-swept bangs to add interest and a modern feel. An oval face is the best shape for pulling off ultra-short hairstyles like this.

Inverted Bob

Victoria Beckhma's inverted bob

The inverted bob hairstyle is shorter in the back and angled longer toward the front, framing your face. It is generally stacked high to add extra volume at the back of your head. It can also feature a soft, feathered effect at the nape of your neck to make the style appear less severe.

Women with longer faces look good with an inverted bob that ends near the jaw. This adds a horizontal line that breaks up the length of the face.

Bobs to Avoid

Avoid an A-line bob with straight bangs if you have fine hair.

People with fine hair should avoid shoulder-length bob styles since they tend to pull the hair flat against the scalp. An A-line bob with straight bangs across the front is another no-no for this hair group. The large amount of hair pulled forward to create the bangs will leave the top of your head exposed.

For best results, always choose a bob hairstyle that requires little blow drying or straightening. This helps keep fine hair healthier.