Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for your friend who is having a boy, or planning a sports party, and the team’s primary color is blue, incorporate blue-colored appetizers as part of the theme. Include naturally blue-colored food such as blueberries and blue corn tortillas. Color nonblue snack items with food coloring, or other dyes if possible. Your guests will be impressed by the extra effort you took to create a blue themed party.

Blueberry Shots

The easiest blue finger food you can serve is fresh blueberries. Because you don’t want everyone digging their fingers into a giant bowl of blueberries, a cute idea is to serve the blueberries in shot glasses. Blueberries are small enough that guest can put the cups to their mouths and eat several at time or pick them from the glasses with their fingers.

Blue Chocolate Strawberries

Instead of milk chocolate covered strawberries, use white chocolate that has been colored blue. You can use special chocolate coloring oil, adding two tsp. of blue for every 1 lb of chocolate, or simply add one drop at a time to the melted white chocolate until you reach your desired color. Another option is to use colored candy discs that will melt in the warm chocolate, changing the color as you stir. Dip the strawberries in the colored chocolate and place on wax paper to cool. For an extra special treat, roll the dipped strawberries in blue sprinkles.

Blue Cake Bites

Bake a regular vanilla cake but add blue food coloring to the batter. Once baked, allow it to cool, then frost with vanilla icing, also dyed blue. Cut the cake into bite-size squares and serve on a tray. For a baby shower, you may want to decorate each cake with the word “BOY” in dark blue gel icing, or some other boy-related design. For a sports-themed party, draw the ball on the cake squares.

Blue Tortilla Chips and Tacos

Blue tortilla chips are widely available at local and national chain grocery stores, as well as specialty Latin food stores. Put out a bowl of blue chips and serve with salsa and guacamole. Use blue flat corn tortillas to make mini tacos. Make both crispy and soft tacos for your guests to choose from. If you can’t find blue tortillas at the regular grocery store, you will definitely find them at a Latin marketplace.

Blue Cheese and Blueberry Jam

Slice a log of blue cheese and place a slice on your favorite crackers. Top the crackers with blueberry jam. Another more decorative way to serve this appetizer is to place a giant round of blue cheese on a platter, then spread a thick layer of blueberry jam on top. Spread the crackers around the wheel of blue cheese. Use a variety of crackers such as plain, wheat and rye.