Every bride wants to look her most beautiful for her big day, from the tips of her toes to a fabulous hairstyle that serves as the crowning glory for her wedding ensemble. African-American brides who opt for updos have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Braids can help dress up any updo style for the occasion and give the bride a graceful and timeless beauty.

Small All-Over Braids

Many small braids worn all over the head is a flattering hairstyle for many African-American women, and the style is quite easy to maintain. A bride with braids can wear them many different ways throughout all of the wedding week events, including in an updo for the big day. Part some of the braids far on the side and sweep them across the forehead pinning them behind the ear. Twist the other braids up into a chignon bun at the base of the head, if they are long, or into a high simple twist atop the head for shorter braids. Place a tiara or veil in front of the top bun.

Small Front Braids

Brides wanting to incorporate a few braids into their updo can do so without wearing all of their hair in braids. For a subtle braided look, wear tiny braids that run back from the face on the sides above the ears and even on top of the head backward from the forehead, framing the face. Place a tiara or floral headband where the braids stop and wear the rest of the hair piled on top of the head with loose curls hanging down the back.

Back Braids

Combine a straight wedding hairstyle with the beauty of a thick braid. Women with naturally long hair or with a long weave to the shoulders should blow the hair straight before using a flat iron to create a sleek, shiny look. Part the hair in a severe side part and sweep some of the straight hair across the forehead before pinning it behind the ear. Pull all the hair to the back and braid it into two thick braids that hang on the shoulders. Coil the two braids around each other to create a sophisticated low chignon bun made of the braids.

Goddess Braids

The elegant look of a Grecian Goddess braid, worn high on the crown of the head, is a classic and beautiful look for any black bride or member of the bridal party. Women with naturally long hair can achieve this look by pulling their hair into a high bun atop the head. Leave a long section of hair hanging in back and braid it before coiling it around the bun and pinning it in place. Women with hair just long enough to put up in a bun atop their heads, but without the long hair to braid, simply use a hair piece braid to wrap around the bun and create the Goddess look.