Benfotiamine Side Effects

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Benfotiamine is a herbal medication that is related to thiamine (also known as vitamin B1). It is thought that benfotiamine is more easily absorbed and utilized. Benfotiamine is thought to counteract aging, especially age-related diabetes. It helps to counteract the effects of high blood sugar by aiding in the breakdown of some toxic molecules that are created when blood sugar is high.

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Benfotiamine Side Effects


Mechanism of Action

Benfotiamine is related to vitamin B1. It is thought to work by activating enzymes which break down toxic triosephosphates.

Mild Side Effects

The most common side effect of using benfotiamine is a skin rash that can begin on any part of the body.

Benfotiamine and Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant should not take benfotiamine unless there is a severe deficiency of the B vitamins and even then should only take this supplement until the deficiency has been corrected. Excess B vitamins can be dangerous for a fetus.

Other Side Effects

Some users experience extreme fatigue when taking benfotiamine.

Interactions with Blood Pressure

There is some anecdotal evidence that benfotiamine can also reduce blood pressure, possibly due to its structural similarity to vitamin B1.