In a spa setting or in the home, steam has many benefits for the body as a whole and the face in particular. Steam works by opening up the pores in the face and penetrates even into the sinus cavities. Benefits can include help with sinusitis, removal of blackheads and alleviation of irritating skin problems like acne.

Relieves Sinusitis

If you have nasal congestion from a cold or suffer from sinusitis, you can get relief by using facial steam, according to the University of Maryland’s Medical Center. In addition to reducing sinus swelling and eradicating infection, facial steam helps the sinuses to drain. This type of hydration costs nothing and does not require a trip anywhere, as it can be done at home with a bowl of heated water and a simple towel placed over the head as you hold your face a safe distance over the water bowl. Repeat this process two to four times a day, for ten minutes at a time, to relieve sinusitis. Menthol, eucalyptus and other aromas can be added to the water to enhance the potential benefits.

Helps Remove Blackheads

Excess body hormones stimulate oil glands which, in turn, overproduce facial oil. This causes blackheads to accumulate as pores becomes clogged with the excess oil. The best way to remove these blackheads is to open the pore, and one of the best ways to open the facial pores is through steam. Place your face a safe distance over a hot steaming bowl of water; use a towel draped over the head to lock in the steam. Blackheads can then be removed more easily. A comedone extractor can be used to safely remove the blackhead at home.

Alleviates Skin Irritations

Your facial skin can become irritated due to a variety of circumstances: poor circulation, clogged pores and dead skin cells. Facial steaming improves blood circulation in the facial skin, works to unclog pores and aids in the sloughing away of dead facial skin cells. This, in turn, alleviates skin irritations that occur when the facial pores are clogged and circulation is not adequate to remove blackheads, acne and other skin problems. Facial steam also allows you to clean more deeply than you can when merely washing off your face. With the pores open, you can remove impurities at a deeper skin level, further preventing skin irritations from developing.