A beauty advisor is a skin care and makeup consultant who offers product knowledge, makeup application and beauty advice to customers. Makeup counters are commonly found within major department stores, but some brands may have freestanding stores within an outdoor or outlet mall setting. Select makeup counters require expert training and have sales goals requirements for their beauty advisors. Others simply require minimal retail experience and an ability to promote beauty products.

Product Knowledge and Organization

Beauty advisors are expected to have extensive product knowledge to offer clients, whether they are employed with a makeup counter or an independent line. This knowledge provides clients a sense of confidence in the brand, which often results in increased sales growth. A background in beauty retail, coupled with a natural passion for beauty products is a desired combination for the role of beauty advisor.

Advisors must keep the counters organized and create aesthetically pleasing displays to ensure customer satisfaction. Keeping inventory stocked and organized is also an integral part of the beauty advisor’s duties.

Sales Goals

Beauty advisors who serve as employees of makeup and skin care counters in major department stores, as well as free standing beauty suppliers such as Sephora and Ulta, are often expected to meet sales goals and implement certain sales criteria into their daily routine. It is common for beauty advisors to be expected to promote a minimum amount of product to each existing and potential client. Beauty advisors are often expected to meet a certain dollar amount in sales each month in order to remain a valuable asset to the company. Commissions and bonuses serve as incentives to meet these sales goals.

Makeup Application and Independent Consultants

Beauty advisors are expected to be professionals in their field, which often requires expert training seminars and continuing education courses. Advisors may be required to attend seminars as a job requirement and also stay current with trends in the beauty industry by attending trade shows and technique seminars yearly or quarterly. Customers often visit beauty counters to have their makeup professionally applied, so advisors must be proficient in their makeup application skills. Beauty advisors may offer professional makeup consultation services on an independent level for supplemental income.