Beach waves work for just about everyone at any age. The surfer girl hairstyle is especially popular during the summer. While the beach wave look is flattering on just about everyone, not everyone has access to the sand and saltwater that makes for natural beach hair. Let your hair air dry whenever possible — air drying alone may be enough to give you beach hair, especially if your locks are naturally wavy. Even without naturally wavy hair, you can get beach waves with a few simple tools and tricks.

Get the Look

Blow-dry 2-inch sections of hair using a small- or medium-sized round brush. Start at the front and work toward the back. After each section of hair is dry, use a large pin to secure the section into a curl and pin to your head. After five minutes, remove the pins. Comb out your waves using your fingers; be sure not to use a brush, which will make the waves fall out. If you need to redo a few curls, use a medium-sized curling iron to create new curls. However, be sure not to curl the ends.

Overnight Styling

To wake up with tousled beach waves, first part damp hair down the middle and tie into two pigtails. Spray hairspray on the ends of your hair and divide your pigtails in half. Coil the two halves of your pigtails and tie the ends together. Pin the pigtails to your head. Your hair will dry overnight. If your hair isn’t completely dry in the morning, use a blow dryer on the pigtails. Take the hair out of the coiled pigtails and flip over to let the waves fall. You also can braid your hair before bed for beach waves in the morning. Large braids will give you loose curls and small braids will give you a crimped look.


Apply mousse to clean, conditioned, wet hair. Spray volumizing spritz to your crown. After you’ve achieved your waves, you can use a product that will add volume or use hairspray to set the curls.