Sharp lines are very important in hair cutting; they create a clean cut appearance that most customers seek out. If you’re cutting someone else’s hair, you’ll be happy to know that the keys to creating sharp lines are quite simple.


Use a comb to create the line you are looking for. Comb the area down that you are going to cut. This shows the natural line that you can then even out.


Moisten the area you are going to cut with both water and aloe vera gel. This makes it easier to create the line that you want to get.

Razor Blade

Use a freshly sharpened razor blade every time for the smoothest cuts. Oil the blades before you start cutting the hair. The blade shouldn’t be so oily that it drips oil, so wipe it off if there is too much oil.


Sharpen your blades every three months. Sharpening them at a steep angle makes the blade thinner. Thin blades are the best for the most precise cuts and lines.