Hair loss can be a traumatic experience for men. It is a sign that their youth is ending, it makes them feel less attractive, and it can erode their confidence and self-esteem. Hair replacement treatment is expensive and not always effective, but luckily there are some hair styles that allow men to go bald in a graceful and attractive way.

Shave It Off

A very popular option for modern men who are balding is not to hide their scalp, but to bare it completely. A partial head of hair or a head of thinning hair makes a man look weak and helpless against nature; a head shaved bald makes a man look (and feel) like he is still in control of his looks. A bald head is a good choice for men whose heads are sized proportionately and have a nice, smooth shape (free of bumps). A bald head can make a man look younger than he would if he had kept his thinning or receding hair. A shaved head is often accompanied by a change in facial hair to give the face a completely new made-over look.

Military Cut/Close Crop

A military-style brush cut is popular for men with thinning hair or receding widows’ peaks. A close-cropped military-style cut has a masculine look and masks the fact that the hair is receding. A close-cropped or short-and-straight haircut is a good option for men with thinning hair who want a more laid-back look than the military haircut. These hairstyles have become popular thanks to celebrities such as soccer star David Beckham.

The Comb-Over

Men who wear a “comb-over” have varying degrees of success. A comb-over was once a popular option for men who had plenty of hair on the sides but little or none on top; they would simply grow the hair on the sides and comb it over the top of their head to the other side. These are usually very easy to spot and can be more embarrassing than showing hair loss for what it truly is, so men who once favored the comb-over are now sporting more fashionable bald heads.

The Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk is a more modern (and milder) adaption of the classic punk-rock hairstyle. Instead of shaving the hair around the top of the head completely, the wearer keeps it short, and keeps the hair at the very top of the head slightly longer. The middle is spiked up for a cool and contemporary look.

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