Originating from Senegal, West Africa, Senegalese twists utilize two strands to create individual twisted braids. Once you have a head full of Senegalese twists, you have many styling options. If you want a stylish updo, you can pull the braids back in a casual fashion. After you master a simple method of putting a Senegalese twist in a sloppy bun, the style should last all day or all evening.

Things You'll Need

Pull your twists back into a ponytail at the back of your head. As you pull the twists back, look in the mirror to ensure you’re pulling them back evenly into the ponytail. Place the ponytail at the crown of your head for a high bun or at the nape of your neck for a low bun. Secure the ponytail with the elastic hair band.

Coil the twists loosely around the base of the ponytail to begin creating the sloppy bun. Secure each coil with a bobby pin. As you coil, allow some twists to escape around the perimeter of the bun for a messy look. Keep coiling the twists, pulling random ends out as you desire, to form the sloppy bun.

Insert bobby pins around the bun to secure it. Try to place one bobby pin every 2 to 3 inches to hold the bun tightly.

Check the bun in the mirror. Pull additional strands out wherever you desire to achieve a big, sloppy bun.

Pin a decorative clip above or below the bun to add pretty bling to your bun.


  • Try leaving twists out of the ponytail around your face and along the nape of your neck. This creates a fringe that softens the style and gives it a more casual and messy appearance.