From the time it first appeared in popular culture decades ago, the afro became a hairstyle traditionally worn by African Americans. Black men and women alike wore afros as a fashion statement indicative of being natural. An afro is unique, and for the most part, can only be worn by African Americans. For black men especially, there are several ways to wear an afro.

Natural Afro

The natural afro is the most popular afro hairstyle. Prominent in the 1970s, this afro is characterized by being large, and devoid of any particular styling or care. The natural afro has no chemicals involved in the hair. As a result, hair in the natural afro is usually thick and nappy. Most men with an afro will use a pick to blow out their afro to be bigger.

Mini Afro

A mini afro is smaller than the natural afro. Usually 1 to 2 inches tall, the mini afro can be styled multiple ways. It can be worn naturally, or with a conditioner, straightener or wave styler. A mini afro can be maintained through visits to the barber, who will edge the hairline, and trim the top according to the man’s wishes.

Afro Braid

The afro braid is a style that provides more variety than the typical afro. The afro braid is a short afro in the back, that is combined with a set of braids in the front. The braids can be designed in a variety of styles, thus making this style of afro unique to every individual.