Trying to speed up the hair growth process can be frustrating. Many individuals attempt to make their hair grow fuller or faster. African American hair can be even more challenging as it’s natural state is more prone to damage. The most important part of promoting hair growth is to keep the hair as healthy and strong as possible. By making some modifications to your diet and daily hair routine, and by using the right products, your African American hair can thrive and grow healthier than ever before.


A healthy diet is one of the core things that can promote hair growth. Although a good diet isn’t a quick-fix to a hair growth issue, it helps keep your hair stronger and healthier, meaning it will grow longer and faster than before. Incorporate multivitamins into your daily diet, including those with vitamin B12, B6 and B1. These vitamins will moisten and protect skin, which is important for African Americans, as many of their hair problems stem from the hair and scalp being dry and damaged. Increasing water intake can also help with hair growth, as it keeps your body and hair hydrated. Your hair is a product of what you ingest, and will receive the benefits of healthy eating, so try to incorporate more protein and omega 3 fatty acids found in fish into your diet. These will help your hair grow in stronger and prevent breakage, damage and stunted hair growth.


African American hair needs strength, moisture and stimulation to grow properly. Many all-natural oils help with this process and moisturize your hair. Look for pure peppermint oil from a health-foods store, or purchase hair oil that is specifically designed for African American hair. Most drug stores and beauty supply stores sell hair oil, and since only African American hair truly benefits from hair oil, most oils are designed for black hair. Apply the peppermint or hair oil to your head, put on a plastic cap and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. The peppermint oil will not only help with hair damage, but can open pores and increase healthy oil production and growth to the scalp. Other oils, such as lavender and rosemary, also help bring adequate circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Purchasing quality shampoos and conditioners helps keep the hair and scalp strong and healthy. At least once a week, apply a deep conditioner to your hair after washing. Apply the conditioner and cover your head with a heated towel or plastic cap. Sit under a dryer or in a warm room for 20 minutes before rinsing. Deep conditioners moisturize and strengthen hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners designed for healthy scalp treatment or especially for the kinky nature of most African American hair. Keeping the scalp healthy and moisturized will promote healthy hair growth and prevent skin drying.

Caps and Combs

Use other products, such as caps and combs, to specifically treat and help grow African American hair. Use a silk wrap cap at night to protect hair and help it grow. Cotton wraps can catch on hair and pull it out at night, but silk wraps protect the natural oils of the hair, reduce breakage and won’t catch on hair and cause damage. Use a special feather comb if you are detangling hair, preparing it for styling or wrapping a hairstyle. Fine-toothed combs pull out and damage delicate African American hair.