African-Americans generally have thick, coarse, curly hair that usually requires a considerable amount of care when styling. Achieving straight and sleek hairstyles is usually difficult for black women without the help of costly — and hair damaging — chemical processes. The good news is that African-Americans can save a good deal of time and money and achieve vast varieties of looks with hair extensions and crocheted hairstyles.


Though crocheted hard styling techniques are fairly simple, when styling your own hair you’ll typically need help in areas of your head that you cannot see or reach. Historically, hair braiding among African-Americans was somewhat of a bonding ritual. Family and friends would gather together to groom each other as part of their African culture. Today, many African-American friends and family still practice the tradition in a more modern sense, having “weave parties” and small social hairstyling gatherings.

Crocheting Hair

The art of crocheting hair includes a few basic traditional crochet techniques and long strands of real or synthetic hair. The model’s natural hair is prestyled in cornrows and a crochet hook is used to weave strands of straight, unattached hair into the cornrows to create length and volume. Some hair extensions are made of synthetic materials and come in straight, wavy or curly textures. Other more expensive extensions are made from real hair and can be styled with heated haircare appliances like curling and flat straightening irons.

Variety and Flexibility

Many African-American women enjoy the flexibility and variety that crocheted hairstyles offer. They have the option of having long, straight hair without having to wait years for their natural hair to grow or risk damage to their hair due to chemical straightening processes. Hair extensions come in dozens of colors so they can virtually change your hair color every time you change your weave without dying your actual hair. You can trim your extensions to any length you like. Extensions are reusable and easily removable so you don’t have to commit to any one color or style.

Cost and Care

African-American gals who wear crocheted hairstyles and extensions experience a significant savings on haircare products and services. Once your extensions are braided in, your hair requires very little maintenance. Crocheted hairstyles do not require any glues, caps or trips to the beauty salon for touch-ups. This method of hairstyling also is very easy on the scalp compared to other African-American styling techniques and is ideal for those with sensitive scalps.