There are numerous bikini styles on the market, from triangle tops to halter tops, and whatever style you choose should provide adequate support. When you swim, or participate in water sports, your bikini provides coverage, but will also help support your breasts while you are physically active. If your current bikini top leaves something to be desired in terms of support, rest assured that there are techniques that can help add support without taking away from the style and appearance of your swimsuit.


A correctly sized bra or bikini top can help support your breasts, but may also help protect their health as well. When your breasts are adequately supported, you are less likely to experience damage to your breast tissue. This is particularly true if you participate in sports, including swimming. If you have large breasts, a correctly fitting bra or bikini top can also help prevent back pain and improve your posture. Insufficient support may cause headache, backache or muscle tension. Even if you do not wear your bikini top often, it is important to choose one that provides adequate support.


You do not need to purchase a new bikini top to add support. You can easily add support to the bikini top you have now. Try tightening the straps if your bikini top is adjustable. Pull the adjustment clasp up to make your top tighter, which will offer you more support. If you have a halter bikini top, tie it behind your neck tighter than you normally do. This too will add support to your swimsuit. Place gel or padded inserts into your bikini top to add support. The inserts push your breasts up slightly, which, if your top is the proper size, can add a bit of additional support. Sew them into your bikini top to help keep them in place.


If you cannot get a proper amount of support with minor changes, you might need to purchase a new bikini top. A halter bikini top provides adequate support if you have large breasts. A bra-style bikini top has adjustable straps, which will also provide a good amount of support for any size breasts. Look for an underwire bikini top as another option that provides added support. If you opt to purchase a new bikini top, try on several styles and sizes to determine which provides the most support for your shape.

Additional Tips

A tailor might be able to alter your bikini top to fit you better and provide additional support. Ask your tailor about putting darts into the cups of your bikini top. Darts can help tighten your bikini top and add a bit of support. Your tailor might also be able to replace the straps on your bikini top. New elastic will add support to the straps, because it does not have as much give as older elastic.