If you have a hard time fully cleansing your skin, then the Sonic Care face brush may be for you. This automated exfoliator, also called the “Sonicare” face brush and the “Clarisonic” face brush, is made by the same company that created the Sonicare tooth brush that has revolutionized in-home tooth care. If you think the Sonic Care face brush may be exactly what your skin has been missing, then read on to learn more about how this exciting new beauty tool works.


The Sonic Care face brush uses sonic waves to clean pores in the same fashion that the Sonic Care toothbrush knocks plaque and tartar right off your teeth. Once your pores are clear, your skincare products can penetrate your skin more easily and will work more effectively.


The Sonic Care face brush comes with an extra brush head and a charger. The handle is designed to fit smoothly and comfortably in your hand, and the vibrating brush is made of soft, firm bristles. Sonic Care claims that it cleans the face twice as well as regular soap and water.


Since the Sonic Care face brush clears out your pores, it can clear up skin as well as help other skin care products work better. While your face may be briefly pink from the exfoliating, it will swiftly clear up in 10 to 15 minutes. The Sonic Care face brush can also make it easier for you to wear makeup because your pores will not be as susceptible to infection.


The Sonic Care face brush is a little larger than an adult’s hand. Including its charger, it stands about eight inches tall. The brush head itself is a little more than an inch in diameter and can be used to quickly wash the whole face in about 45 seconds.


If you are thinking about buying the Sonic Care face brush, think carefully about what you hope to accomplish with this product. It is ideal for makeup removal, but the company makes no claims about how effective the brush itself is as a skin care treatment. You should also read the instructions on your other skin care products carefully to make sure that exfoliation will help them work better before you use them in conjunction with the Sonic Care face brush.


If you have sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist before using the Sonic Care face brush or any other cleansing tool. While the brush has many beneficial properties, if your skin is particularly sensitive you could end up damaging it with the brush rather than cleansing or healing it. Always try any new product on a small portion of your skin before using it all over to get an indication of what your reaction will be.