Liver cleansing is a popular alternative treatment designed to give the liver a break from its detoxifying duties long enough to flush toxins out of the body by using fresh lemon juice, apple juice and other organic ingredients. A liver cleanse diet may last from one day to several days, and during this time, the dieter will avoid solid foods and will drink specially prepared natural liquid concoctions. Lemons are an integral part of the liver cleansing regimen.

Things You'll Need

Restrict your intake of solid foods during your lemon liver cleanse. Some dieters prefer to consume only diluted organic apple juice, while others find it easier to extract juice from organic fruits and vegetables. Choose only items that are organic to prevent eating any type of herbicide or pesticide during the liver cleanse.

Drink 8 oz. of apple juice every 2 hours, up to 8 servings of juice per day. You may consume it full strength or dilute it with purified water. In addition, drink as much purified water as possible during your liver cleanse. Keeping bottled water with you may increase the amount you drink.

Squeeze 1 large fresh lemon into a drinking glass, add ¼ cup of olive oil and drink at bedtime. In addition, add 2 tbsp. of Epsom salts to ½ cup of water and stir until the salts dissolve before drinking the solution. Both of these solutions should be consumed just before going to bed.

Follow this routine for one or more days, or choose an alternate form of the lemon liver cleanse diet that includes using a power vegetable juicer to remove the liquids and nutrients from your choice of organic fruits and vegetables to supplement your diet. Although this is a milder form of the lemon liver cleanse diet, it may be easier for those who experience strong hunger pangs.

Monitor your physical reactions to the lemon liver cleanse diet. Because you are consuming only liquids, you may experience severe diarrhea and stomach cramping. You may pass some pellet-like stool material, which alternative health advocates claim is a sign that your liver and gallbladder are ridding themselves of toxic deposits.


  • After an initial lemon liver cleanse, you can do mini-cleanses that last only 1 day every other month, if desired.

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