“Healthy” and “natural” are not just buzz words for organic foods. These adjectives also describe the popular Bare Minerals makeup line. Committed to using only the purest and most natural mineral ingredients in their products, Bare Minerals is free of any artificial or harsh irritants that could harm your skin. Bare Minerals cosmetic products have quickly won critical acclaim and the makeup line has now become renowned for its ability to protect and improve quality for all skin types, include super-sensitive skin.


Bare Minerals is the makeup line produced by the Bare Escentuals Company. It is the number one mineral makeup line in the United States. Its products are composed of pure, high quality minerals that are mined in regions across the U.S. Because the makeup uses 100% crushed, all-natural minerals, there are no preservatives, oil, talc, fragrance, or binders in its products. Furthermore, the minerals provide a weightless, adjustable coverage, and work to improve the condition of your skin over time.


Bare Escentuals is the San Francisco-based company that produces the Bare Minerals line. The company’s marketing strategy focuses on distributing its cosmetic products through multiple channels, including home shopping television, infomercials, boutiques, department stores, spas and salons, and an online store. Their CEO, Leslie Blodget, joined Bare Escentuals in 1994 and introduced the Bare Minerals cosmetics line in 1995.


Bare Minerals products include foundation, finishing powder, concealer, blush, eye shadows and a wide range of makeup brushes to use in applying mineral makeup. These products are available for purchase either in a “Get Started” kit or separately. You can also join the Bare Minerals Club, which sends you two jars of mineral foundation and one jar of finishing powder every 60 days. As a member, you receive special gifts and also a guaranteed 20% off of the retail price.

Press and Awards

Bare Escentuals has used its various media marketing outlets to build the general brand awareness of Bare Minerals. The makeup line has been featured in magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Shape. It received the Glammy awards from Glamour magazine for its foundation and blush, Allure Magazine’s Readers Choice Award for its foundation and multiple Sephora awards for Best Foundation, Best Concealer, Best Powder and Best Skin Treatment. Bare Minerals also recently received a recommended seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation because its products aid in reducing sun-induced skin damage.


You can purchase Bare Minerals makeup directly from its official website or by calling 800-451-2022. You can also shop for products directly at Bare Escentuals boutique locations and at major department stores in shopping malls nationwide. The cosmetics line is also available for purchase from QVC, the home shopping television network.

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