Workout gear was extremely popular during the 1980s and was even worn as everyday clothing. Big teased-out hair was also en vogue in the ’80s. Women needed to be creative when working out to keep the feathered styles out of their faces when doing aerobics.

Side Ponytail

Side ponytails were in fashion in the 1980s. The 1980s workout enthusiasts brushed their hair back and to the side to keep it out of their faces while doing aerobics. Hair was crimped to give it some extra style. A side ponytail was kept in place with a “scrunchy,” which is rubber band covered in cloth.

Banana Clip

A banana clip, which was given its name from its shape, was a perfect 1980s workout accessory. A banana clip kept hair in place while working out. The shape of clip followed the contour of the back of a head. The final result was similar to a horse’s mane. Hair was often permed, crimped or ratted to give it body.


A terrycloth stretch headband worn around the circumference of the head was worn during strenuous workouts in the 1980s. The headband was worn by men and women to catch sweat as it dripped to the brow. The accessory was also beneficial in keeping hair out of the face. Women wore headbands with ponytails, side ponytails or as a single accessory when they had short hair.

Big Bangs

Ratting hair and spraying on loads of hairspray was the only way to achieve the larger-than-life hairstyles of the 1980s. Looks were just as important when working out, so the big bangs were kept in place while the rest of the hair was pulled back and secured with a scrunchy or a clip. Women usually wore enough hairspray so bangs stayed in place.