Ahhh, lavender. Just typing the word makes us a tiny bit more relaxed. There’s something about the scent that just evokes warm baths and feel-good vibes. Whether you’re already lavender’s #1 fan or are more of a rosemary gal, read on for a few of our favorite ways to use this violet-hued wonder.

Fresh Sprigs

There’s nothing prettier than a few fresh lavender sprigs on a coffee table or nightstand. You can pick some up at your local farmer’s market, or if you’re lucky, can find some in your neighborhood. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it’ll offer a low dose of aromatherapy as well.

Essential Oil

At the heart of plants, flowers and even seeds, are essential oils. These give the plants distinctive smells and are the reason we literally stop and smell the roses. For thousands of years, essential oils have been used in health and beauty regimes, and in recent years, they’ve become more more widely known due to their multitude of benefits.

  • In a diffuser: Try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a diffuser to promote a restful sleep. (included in Month 4 of The Year of Wellness!)
  • On the skin: Add a dab of the oil to any skin irritations to aid in soothing, or try adding a drop or two to your body lotion or night cream.
  • In your cleaning products: Lavender essential oil is naturally antiseptic so it’s perfect as an ingredient in your natural cleaning products and soaps (hence one of the reasons we love Puracy’s hand soap so much and included it in Month 6 of The Year of Wellness!).

Loose Petals for Tea

By now, you may be sensing a theme: de-stressing. We love lavender tea for a delicious, calming nightly ritual. This one combines tried-and-true chamomile with lavender for a soothing bedtime blend. It is also said to have digestive benefits as well. What's your favorite way to use lavender? Obsessed like us?!