In the ’90s, a great deal of fashion was inspired by the music scene and MTV. Although fashion trends changed through the decade, there are a few looks and clothing items that capture the essence of 1990s fashion sense completely. Trousers are no exception, as there are some types of pants that ruled the ’90s, and even though they may have remained popular after the decade was over, it was the ’90s that brought these models to life.

Grunge-Inspired Jeans

Teenagers in the ’90s who adopted the grunge style strived to look like they just rolled out of bed. Grunge-style jeans were baggy and ripped on the knee, on the thighs or under the behind. Girls who were faithful to the grunge look also wore denim shorts, which were usually just cut-offs of plain jeans.

Baggy Pants

This trend was brought to the forefront by the skateboarding counterculture. It was usually boys who wore baggy jeans. The jeans were placed very low on the waist, which often caused the underwear to peek out from under the pants. A similar style was represented by wind pants. These trousers were light, airy and colorful, and made swishy noises when people who wore them moved about.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were also very popular in the ’90s. These pants are also a little baggier, but not so much as baggy jeans or wind pants. Cargo pants have pockets sewn on the outer side of the thighs and sometimes even below the knee. The pockets were usually just for decoration purposes. These pants were worn by both men and women.

Capri Pants

Although capri pants originated in the 1950s, they made a big comeback in the ’90s. Capri pants are pants that are cut just below the knee or calf. They are also known as three-quarter shorts. Various materials, including cotton, polyester, denim, linen and spandex blends, were used for these pants in the ’90s. In the U.S., only women wore capri pants.