The shag style cut originated in the 1970s, but is still popular today. The shag is made of layers that provide texture and varying lengths. Many shag cuts also were and are worn with bangs, to create more dimension. Shag hairstyles tend to be short, because they are meant to frame the face.

Styling a Short Shag

Short shags are easy to style because the layers already create a finished look. Beauty and the Bath suggests that short shags require minimal styling, finishing products and tools. The best way to style a short shag is to run soft or hard hold clear gel in your hands and then “rustle” it through the hair to separate layers or spike up certain pieces. The “piece” look is often seen on celebrities like Lisa Rinna.

Short, Curly Shags

Curly hair already has the dimension that straight locks lack. However, it tends to be hard to work with, since the texture is rougher. Curly hair should be cut into layers, or the hair can bush outward and appear to be in a triangle shape. Short, curly shags frame the face and create a lot of bounce in the curls, since there is less hair pulling on the spirals. Short curly shags were sported in the ’70s because the natural look was in and women did not have the tools, like straightening irons, that are used today.

Natural Shag Looks

Shags add thickness to thin hair without chemicals. At the same time, they may take the bulk out of thick hair without thinning it. Although shags can be worn with natural waves that blend into the hair, they also can be worn sleek and straight. The cut is done by individually cutting pieces of hair, so that all layers are not the same. Short shags especially are unique to the person, because layers are cut according to length and look. Unlike a bob cut, the shag is a wash-and-go style.

Short Shag with Bangs

Bangs work well with a shag, because they become part of the texture and layers. Bangs are often hard to work into curly hair. Short, curly shags allow the bangs to blend without a break or “puff.” Bangs help to frame the face. The bangs look best with short shags, because they complete the look.