If you’re looking for a unique way to add beauty and elegance to your food, edible flowers are the way to go. They work wonderfully as a colorful garnish and their delicate flavors can also be incorporated directly into a dish. Local farmers’ markets are an excellent place to purchase edible flowers, but they can also be found in the produce section of many groceries stores or at online retainers. Ready to experiment? Here’s a roundup of 11 tasty recipes using a wide assortment of edible flowers!

Assorted Edible Flowers

If you look by the fresh herbs in many supermarkets, you’ll find small containers for sale that include an assortment of colorful edible flowers. These make a beautiful garnish for desserts or even an open-faced smoked salmon sandwich.

Dried Culinary Lavender

Dried culinary lavender is an amazingly versatile ingredient that can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. It’s a strong flavor, so the key is to use it sparingly. These lavender vanilla bean palmiers use only a few ingredients and are excellent served with tea.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is a perennial shrub that’s sometimes referred to as lemon beebrush. It’s delicate lemon flavor pairs perfectly with tangy buttermilk for a rich, wonderful ice cream.


Lilacs have a flavor faintly reminiscent of citrus, and they may be slightly bitter. Honey tempers this bitterness nicely. Lilac honey can enjoyed on toast, biscuits, muffins, and scones.

Wild Violet

These light, tender muffins are sweetened with wild violet syrup and sprinkled with wild violet sugar for a floral spring treat.


Dried hibiscus tea has a sweet-tart flavor that is sometimes compared to cranberries. Learn how to dry the flowers for homemade tea in this article from eHow.


We’re all familiar with the sweet fragrance of roses, but did you know that certain parts of the flower are edible? This preserved rose petal sugar can be used in a wide variety of desserts.


Both the leaves and blossoms of the hyssop are edible, with a flavor that’s best described as anise with a hint of mint. Hyssop can be used almost anywhere you’d use basil, mint or tarragon. It also makes a fabulous ice cream.

Arugula Flowers

The slightly bitter taste of Arugula Flowers compliment the sweetness of the balsamic vinegar in this flavorful spring salad that includes mushrooms, spinach and chives.

Chive Blossoms

Chive blossoms are purple flowers with a subtle chive flavor that make an absolutely beautiful garnish. Try adding them on top of soups, crostini or even fried rice.


Honeysuckle tea is made with the delicate white and yellow flowers of the Japanese Honeysuckle vine. The flowers come in pairs, and you’ll want to pluck them right at their base, where the nectar is.