There are plenty of lifestyle changes to think about when you’re trying to get your health on track, but food is one of the biggest. Your new routine can quickly get thrown off course if your pantry and fridge aren’t stocked with options the moment hunger strikes. And as the old saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” Making a weekly grocery list can help, just be sure it’s filled with the staples of a healthy diet. To keep your goals on track, here are fives things to always have on-hand.

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Eat Banza: Chickpea Pasta

This pasta is one of the most amazing things and will quickly become a must-have in your kitchen. The idea that you can eat pasta and not overload with carbs, but actually get quality protein and fiber is unbelievable. There are several different style noodles to choose from depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can pick up a penne for this pesto recipe or regular spaghetti for a traditional marinara.

Primal Kitchen Foods: Salad Dressings

The founder of Primal Kitchen, Mark Sisson, spent decades developing his line of nutrient-dense condiments and snacks. Of course movement and exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, but the philosophy behind Primal Kitchen is that it all starts with the food we eat. Salad dressings are usually something to be weary of when trying to eat healthy, but not in this case. From ranch, to Italian, to honey mustard—these dressings are game-changers.

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Dragon Herbs Longevity Tea

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, this is the perfect swap to make to add more dietary value to your daily cup of joe. Whether you drink it in the morning or in the evening (it has a sweetness to it so could be a good dessert replacement!), this herbal tea has crazy health benefits. It’s made of a grass found in Asia called Gynostemma, with benefits ranging from anti-aging, support of the body’s immune system, digestive aid and more.

Mary's Gone Crackers

It’s absolutely key to have healthy snack options immediately available. These crackers are perfect for those that need gluten-free, but even if you don’t, they’re so delicious and packed with whole grains and seeds you should definitely eat them anyway. Toss the chips and processed stuff and swap these in to use for dips, crumble up on salads or just eat plain because they’re that good!

Frozen Fruit (of any variety!)

Fruit is a must to have around for anyone trying to eat a balanced diet, but even more so for those with a sweet tooth. The trick here is to avoid any options with added sugar—always go with unsweetened otherwise it’s counterproductive. With frozen, you never have to worry about your produce going bad if you’re not home a lot, and it’s great to have around for quick smoothies or letting thaw for a bit and tossing into a salad.

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