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Sure, there are 24 hours in a day, but when you’re swamped, knocking down your lengthy to-do list can feel like a race against the clock — and every minute counts. So, together with Del Monte® Fruit & Chia™, we asked Jessica Franklin, the busy lifestyle and fashion blogger behind Hey Gorjess, for some time-saving tips for juggling it all. Whether she’s headed to the gym, running to catch a flight or getting ready for a photo shoot, here’s how she gets everything done and keeps her energy up — all while looking great.

Jessica Franklin

1. Be Bold

“One of the best ways to simplify my makeup routine is by opting for a bright, bold lipstick. I can apply it quickly right before I leave the house, and it instantly makes me feel put-together, even if I don’t have time to apply any other makeup at all.”

Jessica Franklin

2. Go High

“My go-to hairstyle for when I’m in a rush is a quick updo. I simply put my hair in a high ponytail and wrap a hair tie around it once or twice, depending on how tight I want it. I can wear it for any occasion, and it literally takes less than 30 seconds to achieve! I can also style it anywhere — whether I am quickly doing my hair at home, after the gym or on the go in an Uber!”

Jessica Franklin

3. Plan Ahead

“Before I leave the house, I’m always sure to have my headphones, lipstick, water bottle, portable charger, perfume and a snack or two. These items keep me going throughout the day and ready for any event or activity. One of my favorite snacks is Del Monte® Fruit & Chia™ Fruit Cup® Snack, because I’m less tempted to snack on junk foods. Plus, I can eat them on the go, and they’re filled with nutrients like fiber, vitamin C and 800 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids.”

Jessica Franklin

4. Up the Resistance

“When I’m short on time and can’t do a full workout, I always try to squeeze in some cardio. Running on the treadmill or cycling is a great way to do so. Even if it’s only for 20 or 30 minutes, I can still challenge myself by increasing the resistance on the cycling machine or running on an incline on the treadmill.”

Jessica Franklin

5. Make a List

“Before bed, I try to check my email one last time to make sure there is nothing too time-sensitive that I may have missed. I then like to make a list of everything I have to do the next day so that I am sure to stay on top of tasks. This gives me peace of mind and helps me sleep better!”

Jessica Franklin

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What’s the first thing you skip doing when you’ve got a busy day? Any sneaky tricks you have for getting everything done?


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