Going home for the holidays means spending time with mom and dad, enjoying traditional family recipes and, for 60 percent of American singles, sex. That’s right — ’tis the season for holiday hookups in your hometown. Oh, heyyy!

According to a recent survey by Trojan Condoms, nearly two-thirds of the 1,000 18- to 24-year-old sexually active singles polled said that they were likely to have casual sex while they’re home for the holidays. And while a third of respondents said that they’d be likely to rekindle an old flame, an ambitious 40 percent said they’re probably going hook up with someone new.

So how are they planning to make these new acquaintances in between the menorah lighting and Christmas dinner? Well, the answer probably won’t surprise you: 78 percent said that they’re planning send texts or DMs, and 66 percent are confident they’ll meet someone at a house party.

About 55 percent say they’ll meet someone in a bar, and half will turn to apps like Bumble and Tinder. (If you’re looking to get lucky on a dating website this holiday season, you might want to add this one thing to your profile to boost your inbound messages. Seriously.)

For many people, returning home means getting back to some very risque behavior. A whopping 53 percent of singles said they’d be open to having sex in their childhood bedroom, while 35 percent said they wouldn’t mind if their parents were home.

And if that doesn’t amaze you, 34 percent of people polled said they would even do the deed during a family gathering. You gotta do something while you’re waiting for Santa’s cookies to finish baking, right?

Speaking of cookies, 24 percent of respondents said they’d want holiday cookies as a postcoital snack, while 36 would rather have a cozy cup of hot chocolate. Thirteen percent of people polled said they’d go for a glass of eggnog. As to what you should (or shouldn’t) be eating beforehand? We have you covered.

If you’re one of these singles looking to get lucky, take note: Respondents said the activities most likely to turn them on are warming up by the fireplace and watching a movie — specifically, horror films or rom-coms.

But we all know that sometimes expectations and reality don’t match up. Only 44 percent of people actually had sex over last year’s winter holidays (although that number is nothing to sneeze at, either).

About 40 percent of those people didn’t plan for it, though, since they had to make a last-minute run to buy condoms, and another 40 percent didn’t use a condom at all. Yikes!

So the moral of this Christmas carol is that young hopefuls shouldn’t expect to be wrapping only presents. Consider packing a few condoms or dental dams, whether or not you plan to use them.

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