Everyone has flaws, and that's totally okay. Your best option is to accept these habits if the relationship is important to you, but also realize that there is meaning behind these actions. It turns out, it's possible to find some "hints" as to what those bad qualities might be, just by looking to the stars, says astrologer Valerie Mesa.

For instance, if your best bud is a Sagittarius, you can expect certain behaviors, so when he or she flakes on you on Saturday night or goes distant without a warning, it'll come as less of a shock.

Of course, this isn't a guarantee; sometimes traits don't match based on personality, regardless of the sign's predictions. And, there might be a few qualities you can recognize in one Sagittarius that you won't see in another. So, keep this in mind before assuming how one will act in a given situation.

Still, if you're curious, here's what those bad habits might be based on the zodiac and how you should respond when interacting with a given sign.


Aries is impulsive (and too much, at times). "Aries is always boss, but their impulsive nature can lead them to miss out on special moments and important life opportunities. Their impatience can also cause issues within their relationships," says Mesa. If your Aries does something too quickly without considering the consequences, realize it probably wasn't ill-intended and discuss how it hurt you in a calm, understanding manner.


Overindulgence is a common vice, here. "Taurus wants to have their cake and eat it too, literally. They’re the most comfortable sign in the zodiac, but their excessive need to splurge and over indulge can bring issues with finances and/or health," says Mesa. If your S.O. is a taurus, perhaps keep finances separate and take care of your own health, regardless of how many workouts are skipped or bowls of pasta are eaten on his or her end.


Gemini's can be quite antsy and restless, which can become distracting or annoying to others. "Gemini’s mind never stops, hence their indecisive and skeptical nature. However, this could also turn into anxiety and/or insomnia," says Mesa. Try and urge Gemini to find ways to relax, perhaps through yoga or meditation.


Cancer tends to look for pity from others and likes to avoid taking the blame (even when in the wrong). "The most emotional sign in the zodiac, Cancer is notorious for playing the victim and sometimes even crying in public. Their extreme mood swings and hyper-sensitive nature can more than often lead to depression," says Mesa. When dealing with a Cancer, remain compassionate, but also give a little tough love if needed.


Leo loves leo, period. "Leos love being center of attention, but their dramatic tantrums will eventually push their loved ones away. Their ego is their worst enemy," says Mesa. Realize that Leo can't help but be self-absorbed and selfish at times, and from there you can either accept it, or tell them to get over themselves. (Just a bit.)


Unfortunately, as Virgo is so analytic and strives for perfection, they can be judgmental towards others and themselves. "Virgo’s overly self-critical personality can lead to stress, and if they’re not careful, obsessive compulsive disorders," says Mesa. Plus, it can also hurt other relationships, as many people don't respond well to disapproval.


Libras tend to try and please others, which is a good thing, to a certain extent. "At times, they are too people-pleasing," says Mesa, and can be bad communicators. "Libra's are not very good at confrontation. They choose harmony over reality," says Mesa. If you're having an argument with a Libra, try and get him or her to open up and be honest in order to resolve the issue.


Unfortunately, Scorpio can be self-destructive at times. "It’s all or nothing for Scorpio. Their jealous personality and vengeful nature can lead to depression. Worst case scenario, their self-destructive behavior can cause addictions and/or chronic illness," says Mesa. While this bad habit affects Scorpio mostly, it can still cause strain in other relationships, as it can hurt those who care about them.


Sagittarius lives for feeling free and embarking on one adventure after another. However, sometimes they lose sight of reality in their pursuits for happiness. "Sagittarius always wants to have fun, regardless of the situation; hence the majority of the people around them rarely take them seriously," says Mesa. "Their unreliable personality can also lead to lack of trust and respect," she adds. If you love your Sag, accept him or her for the playfulness (and enjoy it!), but also don't that flakiness get to you too much.


All work and little play for Capricorn, here. "The most ambitious sign in the zodiac, Capricorn’s focus and determination to succeed can easily turn into an obsession. Their need for establishment and ruthless personality can come across as selfish and cold," says Mesa. When dealing with a Cap, try and bring out the softer side, but also realize that the chill in the air has nothing to do with you.


Unfortunately, Aquarius can lack in empathy and be emotionally distant from others, and it might take some time for them to warm up to you. "Aquarius is the genius of the zodiac, but don’t remind them. These water bearers are well aware of their talents; hence their sarcasm and detached personality. A social rebel at heart, Aquarius' aloof personality can come across as selfish and self absorbed," says Mesa. Give Aquarius time to open up. And hopefully you can appreciate some excellent sarcasm.


Often times Pisces live outside reality, too, where they are prone to daydream and detach from the world around them. "Earth to Pisces, come in. The dreamer of the zodiac, sometimes it’s hard to tell if Pisces is even paying attention," says Mesa. So, don't be too offended if Pisces doesn't seem to be listening to a story about your day. What's more, it can cause Pisces to look for a means to escape. "On the dark side, their excessive need to escape can contribute to alcoholism and addictions," warns Mesa.

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