On Thursday, October 19th at 12:12pm PST we are gifted a New Moon in Libra.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon occurs when the Moon slides in between the Sun and Earth and is casted in shadow, the Moon’s face hidden from view.

What does the New Moon represent?

The New Moon is the first phase in the Lunar Cycle. As this phase ushers in a new cycle, it also ushers in fresh energy for us to work through challenges old and new.

What does this particular New Moon have to offer?

This New Moon, it is important to reflect on situations that have felt tense or uncomfortable. Whether it is a boss, lover, friend, co-worker or your relationship you have with yourself, it is time to examine your approach.

Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus; the planet of love, romance and connection. The airy quality of Libra seeks to maintain the smooth and connective parts of relationships while often avoiding the harsh confrontation that routinely accompanies closeness. But this New Moon is sitting directly across from the great revolutionary-change-maker planet Uranus in strong-willed Aries, and Libra’s agreeable nature will be tested. When the energies of Aries and Libra face off we are given a choice; to either make peace and make do or potentially wreck havoc to start anew.

When relationships become heavy or loaded, we often flee from the discomfort and avoid addressing the issue, but how often does this serve us?

This Moon, there is no room to shy away from what has been tugging at you. You must either finish the fight or lay your sword down. Healthy relationships deserve honesty and trust. If you are not finding these attributes or actively cultivating them in certain relationships, then those relationships begin to hinder you. These types of connections can be an energy-suck and can start to consume your conversations with others and your mental space and fill you with worry and anxiety. Libra is all about keeping the peace but make sure to calculate at what cost.

To set yourself up for success this New Moon is to make as much space in your life to breathe easy, but it will take some work.

The key is to figure out which issues need resolution and which you have been delaying discussing from the fear of committing to a difficult but necessary decision. Spend some time writing, reflecting, questioning and eventually coming to an understanding about where you stand in your major relationships. Then, promise yourself to act on the information you now have clarity on. You deserve relationships that fill you up and feel strong enough to fix. Invest in yourself by clearing out the clutter.

Jaliessa Sipress is a life-path Astrologer, writer and artist dedicated to making Astrology an accessible tool for navigation and healing. You can find out more about her work or book a private session at obsidianmoonastrology.com.