If you're heading out for a morning run, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for what's head. Leg cramps in the middle of the park? Overheating with nowhere to rest? It can totally kill that endorphins boost. Plus, it can also be dangerous, where you might pass out from heat exhaustion or get excruciating stomach pains.

To prevent a workout disaster, here are a few things to avoid doing before hitting the trails. You'll likely regret it later.

Wearing The Wrong Clothes

Listen to your body. Putting too much stress on your midsection before even starting your workout is a total red flag. "You need to be comfortable in your workout clothes. If there is any type of resistance, rethink your outfit," says Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics. Instead, make sure you can move with ease and that the fabric is also breathable. Usually cotton isn't great, and it doesn't wick away sweat. Going with Dri-Fit is a good call.

Eating The Wrong Foods

You'll want to eat the right foods before working out. Choosing staples that are easy on the stomach and provide immediate energy from carbohydrates and protein to fuel your session.

"Dairy, eggs, and coffee are just a few of the many things which could end up hurting your gut when you workout," says Backe. "It isn’t about how nutritious these foods are or aren’t. It is all about how quickly they are digested, and what kinds of reactions they get from the body," he explains. Dairy and eggs can be harsh on the digestive tract, and coffee is a diuretic, so it'll go right through you. Meaning? It'll make you poop, real fast.

Not Breathing Properly When Stretching

It's important to stretch or warm up before going all-out in your workout. "This will not affect all people the same, but it can still be quite a pain in the gut. When you stretch before a workout, your breathing is crucial. If you go about it the wrong way, it could make your workout hurt more than you’d like it to," says Backe. Try different breathing or meditative exercises to really open up those lungs. Breathe from your diaphragm and with each hold of stretch and movement.

Not Going To The Bathroom Before

Sure, not peeing right before a workout could make you anxious or feel full, especially if you hydrated pre-workout to fuel your body. However, the real issue here is not pooping before, as you don't want to feel backed up or get the urge mid-run.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom? Do it. And once that happens, you should probably end your pre-workout stuff, or your stretches, whatever it is you were doing - and get moving on the workout," says Backe. "If you keep putting it off, it could interfere with your regular workout, and cause your stomach to ache," he adds.

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