Rock on in Style: How to  Pack for a Rock Concert Vacation

Rock Concert

Including a rock concert in your vacation plans can be an ideal way to spend some grown-up time with your significant other while taking a break from the kids. Planning ahead to find certified childcare or supervised teen activities can go a long way toward setting your mind at ease so you can enjoy an evening out. After arrangements are made, it's time to focus on you and planning your wardrobe for the evening.

Dress for Concert Conditions

Most of your concert time will be spent at the venue, so dress appropriately to stay comfortable for hours. If you're in a theater or stadium with reserved seating, you won't have to be as attentive to what you wear as you would if it's standing room only inside a festival tent. Even climate-controlled venues get hot and sweaty once people start rocking out to the music. A light t-shirt and thin jeans or sleeveless little black dress paired with sneakers make an ideal base layer. If the concert is outdoors, you might need to layer up with sun protection clothing, light jackets or a rain poncho.

Dress for the Climate

Consider the climate where you'll be attending the concert. Although indoor concerts are climate-controlled, chances are you'll be spending more than a few minutes outside waiting for doors to open and passing through security. Dress in as few light layers as possible for the weather so you have less to keep track of at the concert. A light rain jacket, fleece hoodie or windbreaker that can tie around your waist or crush into a carrying pouch work best.

Don't Wear Your Best

It's tempting to get dressed to the nines on a special evening out, but save chic clothes for going to the symphony, theater or dinner out. Standing-room-only rock concerts mean you'll be shoulder to shoulder with people dancing, waving their arms and moving to the music, increasing the odds of a snag, tear or spill.

Ditch the Pumps and Sandals

Resist the urge to rock those sexy stiletto pumps. Comfy sneakers or low-heeled boots are the best foot gear for rock concerts. It's not unusual for people to step on your feet while dancing, navigating the crowds when entering and leaving, or even waiting in line for the restroom, so glitzy or delicate shoes aren't appropriate. Wear closed-toe shoes to avoid injury. Consider comfort at concerts where you'll have to stand a lot and music festivals where you'll be walking between concert venues.

Minimize Accessories

Don't wear complicated accessories like body chains that you'll need to spend a lot of time removing when you pass through the security metal detector. Wear a jacket or pants with pockets where you can stash lip gloss, your I.D. and a few essentials you'll need during the concert. Leave your purse in your hotel room safe to avoid lengthy bag searches at security and prevent becoming a purse snatching target. Opt for simple accessories like rubber bracelets or leather bands that won't break or snag on another person's clothing.

Snap on a Collapsible Water Bottle

Fill a collapsible water bottle to sip on while you're waiting to get into the venue and empty and flatten it before passing through security. Most collapsible water bottles compress into a pocket-size container you can tuck in a pocket or roll up into a cylinder you can snap onto a belt loop. Once inside, you can fill your bottle at a water fountain or water station and save your hard-earned money for buying alcoholic drinks or sodas.