Having oily skin is a curse and a blessing. A curse because it seems like no amount of pore-refining primer will block the amount of shine on your face, and a blessing because you’re supposed have less wrinkles when you’re older. Instead of using makeup and powders to combat your oily skin, try changing up your skincare routine for some amazing results. Here is a natural skincare routine for oily skin:

1. Wash with a charcoal cleanser - It’s important to wash your face morning and night, especially when you have oily skin. You’ll want to find a deep cleanser that can really get all of the makeup and gunk out of your pores. Charcoal cleansers like this one are incredible for oily skin because they attracts impurities—sort of like a magnet—making them great for deep cleaning your pores, and removing excess oil and dead skin.

2. Tone with witch hazel - Toning your skin is an important next step in your skincare routine, since it removes any trapped oil or makeup that didn’t wash off with your cleanser. So many toners dry out your skin, which actually makes it overcompensate and and produce even more excess oil. Try toning your face using witch hazel instead, which is a gentler, plant-based option. Just apply some to a cotton ball and swipe gently across your face, concentrating on your most oily areas.

3. Moisturize with oil - It seems counterintuitive to use oil as a moisturizer, since a lot of oils can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. We call these types of oils comedogenic, and they definitely aren’t what you should reach for when you have oily skin. Moisturizing with the right oil (non-comedogenic) will actually keep your skin from producing excess oil though! This nourishing and hydrating facial oil is non-comedogenic and rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are exactly the ingredients your oily skin needs to repair itself.

4. Weekly mask treatment - Using a mask can be compared to a weekly “reset” button for your oily skin. It’s important to find a mask that’s right for your skin type, as not all masks will be. For oily skin, we recommend a balancing facial mask with clay and charcoal in it, since these ingredients will help draw out toxins, including oil and bacteria. Over time, the charcoal will even help refine your skin’s texture by making your pores smaller!